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LED Panel Light

The Backlit LED Panel Series are designed to replace traditional and old LED2*2,2*4 troffers,minimum powerconsumption,long lifespan,and bright illumination.The panel is low flicker with 1-10V dimming capability,and rated p to 50,000 hours.By eliminating the Light Guide Plate,the Backlit Panel can avoid the YELLOWING ISSUE during the whole lifespan;with specially optics adopted,the Backlit Panel Series are able to lower the glaring without affecting the uniformity.

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  • Main Function
    ◆   Standard 110lpw or premium 130lpw
    ◆   Light weight design (30% lighter than edge-lit flat panels)
    ◆   Low flicker, 1-10V dimming
    ◆   Post-painted white aluminum frame to fit any décor
    ◆   Designed to easily fit into existing suspended T-bar ceilings or hang via aircraft cable (optional accessory)
    ◆   Available in 3500K,4000K and 5000K
    ◆   90-min Emergency Battery Back-up Option

    Technical Parameters
    Power(W) 30 35 30 35 40 45
    PF 0.90
    Input Voltage (V) 120-277
    Lumen outputlm 3300 3850 3300/3900 3850/4550 4400/5200 4950/5850
    Dimming 1-10V
    CRI >80
    Beam Angle 120°
    Material Aluminum+ Steel plate+ PMMA
    Operating Temperature -20 to 40/-4℉ to 104℉
    Humidity 10% - 90%
    Installation Recessed/ Surface mount/Suspended mount
    Certificate UL/DLC
    Environment Indoor/ Damp Location
    Warranty 5Years
    Product Dimension(L*W*H) 1′*4′*1.61″ 2′*2′*1.61″ 2′*4′*1.61″

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