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Linear PENDANT Light(Type A)

1.Power watt: 8W-64W. 2.Material: AL6063+ PMMA; 3.LED Commercial Linear Strip; 4.Ideal replacement of fluorescent fixtures; 5.High luminous efficiency, up to 130LM/W;

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    Linear Pendant Light







    1.Linear pendant light product type:

    Item Power(W) Voltage(V) Lumen Output(lm) Housing color
    LD-LF-1A/B08-XX 8W 120-277 1040 White
    LD-LF-2A/B16-XX 16W 120-277 2080 White
    LD-LF-3A/B24-XX 24W 120-277 3120 White
    LD-LF-4A/B32-XX 32W 120-277 4160 White
    LD-LF-8A/B64-XX 64W 120-277 8320 White
    LD-LF-U-2A/B16-XX 16W 120-277 1456 White
    LD-LF-U-2A/B24-XX 24W 120-277 2114 White
    LD-LF-U-2A/B32-XX 32W 120-277 2912 White
    LD-LF-U-2A/B64-XX 64W 120-277 5824 White














    2.Linear pendant light Connection:




  • Linear PENDANT Light(Type A)

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