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New Waterproof Craft - IPX8

New waterproof craft for IPX8. Suitable for applications under water.

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  • 1. Product Introduction
    It features better waterproof up to IP68, suitable for application under water.

    2. Waterproof Performance
    Special craft makes PU glue wrap LED strips completely and form one whole.
    Compare to regular crafts, the new one makes waterproof performance better, it meet IPX8 and can be used safely under the water.

    3. Photoelectric Parameter
    Compared to IP20 strips, deduction on brightness by 15%.
    Suitable for power less than 14.4W/m.

    4. Dimension & Range
    Suitable for PCB width less than 10mm (Included), dimension for finished LED strip is 12.5*4.5mm.
    Suitable for LED component SMD2835, SMD3528, SMD5060.

    5. Testing Items
    The product passed the testing items as below in LEDIA CNAS lab.
    Temperature Rising
    Temperature Cycle
    Salty Test

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